Who we are

The idea

Buying and selling jewelry and watches. The GEM24K Marketplace is born from the experience of generations of jewelers and watchmakers and from the idea of entrepreneurs, experts and enthusiasts of the world of valuables and watches. An idea that, thanks to the contribution of those who believed in this project, has turned into reality.

The passion

The jewels and watches, their construction and the materials that compose them are the basis of the great passion binding the creators of GEM24K. A life dedicated to study, evaluation and in-depth analysis to guarantee the customer the highest quality and the utmost professionalism.

The Marketplace

On our portal you can find offers from a considerable number of retailers and more. In fact, we have decided to offer the opportunity to all lovers of jewelry and watches and the universe that surrounds them, to exchange opinions and advice on our “Groups” studied with the aim of putting people in contact, both for work and for hobby, for valuables and watches.


A project, ours, which aims to share the pleasure of beauty and luxury with all those who are surfing on GEM24k.

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