Users of GEM24K

Who are the Visitors?

Visitors are the users who visit the site for mere consultation and navigation on the pages of sellers, they cannot make any purchase or sale, as they are not registered.

Who are the Purchasers?

Purchasers are users who, in addition to the features provided to “Anonymous Visitors”, register at the site and can only purchase products (both normal and auctioned).

Who are the Sellers?

Sellers are all those who register on the site to publish their products to offer for sale and can be: Private sellers or Professional Sellers.

Who are the Private Sellers?

The Private Sellers are users who, in addition to the functionality provided to “Buyers”, register with the site as Private Sellers and can publish their own offer to sell Simple Products (not in auction) or request GEM24K S.r.l. authorization to sell a product via an online auction.

The Private Sellers are simple sellers, who work in private and non-professional, which is granted a page and assigned a shop name, which identifies them and makes them available on the site with a custom URL.

Private Traders can operate on the site in the spaces granted and according to the methods and limits of the type of products or their quantitative and / or qualitative aspects as well as time, established by the site owner. These users can purchase one of the service packages dedicated to Private Sellers, offered by GEM24K S.r.l.

Who are the Professional Sellers?

The Professional Sellers are the users who exercise their profession in the world of jewelry and / or watches, they are traders, who can access the full operation provided on the site to qualified companies or.

How long does the relationship between the user and GEM24K S.r.l. last?

Registration and relationship with GEM24K S.r.l. it is indefinite. Time limits can be foreseen by GEM24K S.r.l. for the use of the profile and the package of services chosen by the Seller and for the online visibility of his page in relation to the time allocated to his sale (in case of private sale of the Seller) or the payment fee for the period of duration of the purchased package or the duration established for the single online auction.

Registration on GEM24K

Why register with GEM24K?

To operate on GEM24K, both as Buyer and Seller, you must be registered.

Where should I start to register as a buyer or seller?

To start registration on GEM24K you must select Login \ Register, choose the option you are interested in (Buyer, Private Seller or Professional Vendor) and follow the instructions.

How can I register as a buyer?

To register as a Buyer, you must fill in the information that will be requested after selecting Login / Logout. GEM24K will enable you immediately to purchases. As Purchaser you can personalize your environment by entering various information (banner, profile picture, contacts and more) on My Account and from the Personal Menu under “Edit Profile”.

How can I register as a private seller?

To register as a Private Seller, you must select in Login / Logout and proceed with the registration as Private Seller by filling in all the fields with the requested information. GEM24K will immediately enable you as a Private Seller.

When you have finished filling in all the information fields, GEM24K starts the verification procedures by sending an email to the address you indicated during registration and a text message with a verification code to the mobile number you provided.

If all the feedbacks are positive, GEM24K will register your user profile with the information entered up to this point and proceed with the insertion of further information. In this phase you will have to select the payment methods that you will support in your “Seller Shop”, the options from which you can choose are PayPal, Stripe and Bank Transfer.

Will all the information that GEM24K asks me be visible in my "shop"?

All this information is stored by the system in your “user profile” and is automatically associated with your “public profile” visible, therefore, in the “Seller’s Shop”. Data relating to your mobile number, name and surname are kept confidential. In addition, you can decide whether to display your email address publicly or not.

How can I register as a professional seller?

If you are a Jewelry and / or Watch Dealer, you can request registration as a Professional Vendor, sending further specific information indicated by GEM24K as evidence of being a real jewelry and / or watch shop owner. In fact, you will need to send the following documents by e-mail to documenti@gem24k.com: Chamber of Commerce, Municipal Authorization, Invoice for one user and four images of the company’s physical store. All this information, with the exception of the operational headquarters will not be displayed in the public profile of the Seller.

What images of the store should I send to become a professional seller?

They must be high-resolution images of your physical activity, for example: the display case and the sign, the interior design, the box etc.

Can all sellers become "Professional Sellers"?

You can start the Professional Vendor registration procedure only if you are a Jewelry and / or Watch Dealer. GEM24k will ask you for more specific information as proof of being a merchant.

How can I activate my seller profile?

To activate your Seller profile you can choose and purchase the monthly Merchant Subscription or Private Subscription that best suits your needs.

As a Professional Vendor you are entitled to an Underwriting on offer: select the “Free” subscription and at the checkout time enter the “START-FREE” 100% discount coupon.

The Free Subscription can be selected only once, at the end of which you will have to choose one of the Subscriptions of GEM24K to continue using your store.

Sellers who have carried out the entire process are registered but not yet enabled for full operation (for product placement and sale) until GEM24K revises the documentation provided and authorizes full operation (product placement and sale) as Private or Professional Seller. At the end of this verification process, GEM24K will enable you to operate as a Private or Professional Seller.

Only after having been enabled can you proceed with product placement and sale.

The subscriptions have different characteristics?

Each Subscription for merchants or for private sellers offers a different type of operation and conditions described in the package itself (including, for example, the maximum number of products you can add to your store).

How do subscriptions work for individuals?

The Private Seller buys a subscription among those proposed. At the end of the 60 days of the duration of your subscription you can buy another one.

Even if before the 60 days exhausts the number of products to be inserted at its disposal can not activate another subscription, must wait for the expiry of 60 days.

If I choose a free subscription, how do I proceed?

After selecting the “Free” subscription, proceed to checkout and enter the “START-FREE” 100% discount coupon.

The Private Sellers to take advantage of the offer must select the Gold Package.

As soon as it is completed, GEM24K S.r.l. will enable the promotion and, after verifying the documentation supplied by you, will enable you to fully operate.

The Free Subscription can be selected only once, at the end of which you will have to choose one of the Subscriptions of GEM24K to continue using your store.

How can I customize my seller profile and my store?

As a Private or Professional Seller you can customize your environment by entering various information (banner, profile picture, contacts and more) on My Account and from the various panels of the Store Management Panel and from the Personal Menu under “Edit Profile”.

How can I receive support in managing my store?

From the Seller’s Notice Board by clicking the button at the top right “Help” you will receive the information necessary to manage all aspects of your Store.

How can I manage my social activities on GEM24K (groups and forums)?

From the menu of your account, select “Edit Profile” in the screen that opens you can customize your account and you will find all your activities related to groups and forums on GEM24K.

Can I register more than one account on GEM24K?

Those who register on the site will receive identification code and a password, associated with their personal and confidential data, and may use only one account, which can only be used by the registered subject with their own data, signs and identification marks.

What should I do if my account has been suspended?

The account may be suspended due to a failure to comply with the terms and functions of use of the site, in particular, the improper use of the login credentials or the use made by other subjects, other than the user, the non-authenticity or irregularities in the information provided during registration or failure to comply with the request for verification of authenticity by the site owner. To restore the account it will be necessary to correctly fulfill the invitation made by GEM24K within 30 days.

After this period GEM24K S.r.l. will be able to declare terminated the relationship, possibly already established, with simple communication to the user also by e-mail.

How can I cancel my registration on GEM24K?

The user may cancel his registration at the Marketplace at any time using the cancellation or cancellation procedure present on the GEM24K S.r.l. website. With the cancellation or cancellation all data entered by the user will be immediately canceled and will be irrecoverable, except for those that GEM24K S.r.l. has the obligation or the need to maintain and keep for the legal obligations or for the purposes of the processing of personal data. With the cancellation procedure the User withdraws from the relationship with GEM24K S.r.l. The User can also withdraw from the contract at any time with GEM24K S.r.l. For the simple Seller, the communication will have immediate effect upon its receipt by GEM24K S.r.l. For the Professional Vendor, the communication will be effective at the end of the cycle of the package of services already purchased and still in progress or, in the absence, will have immediate effect.

After this period GEM24K S.r.l. will be able to declare terminated the relationship, possibly already established, with simple communication to the User also by e-mail.

With termination of the contract as a result of termination or withdrawal the User will not be entitled to any reimbursement for fees or fees already paid for services purchased in the remaining period from the date in which the relationship is terminated until the conclusion of effectiveness of his payment.

Payment methods on GEM24K

What are the available payment methods?

You can pay with any of the methods listed on the order confirmation page. The methods depend on the type of items and, typically, are: credit card (VISA or MasterCard), PayPal, Stripe or by bank transfer. The possible payment methods for an item are indicated on the order confirmation page.

What is Safe Delivery?

The “Safe Delivery” is a service that ensures 100% to receive your jewelry and / or your watch uses, in fact, a specific escrow account. The Seller will receive payment only when you have received the selected item.

How do I buy a product through Safe Delivery?

Before proceeding with the payment select the “Safe Delivery” option and proceed with the order of the item by making the payment. In this case the amount will be transferred to a escrow account.

How much does the Safe Delivery Service cost?

For the Safe Delivery service we apply a commission of 2.4% on the sum made up of the total price of the item.

What is the "Agree and Pay" method?

The “Agree and Pay” method allows you to define the preferred method with the Seller. Contact the Seller and agree directly with him the payment and delivery method you prefer:
1. Bank transfer to the Seller’s account and delivery to your address: in this case the Seller will inform you of the IBAN code to make the transfer (you will need to specify the order code in the reason). As soon as the Seller receives your payment, he will send you the product to the address indicated by you.
2. Payment in cash on delivery to your address: in this case the Seller will send you the product to the address indicated by you. You can pay at the reception of the product directly to the courier.
3. Payment and collection at the Seller’s premises: in this case you can go directly to the Seller’s shop, pay and pick up the product directly on the spot.

Purchase of jewelry and watches

Are the products on Marketplaces offered by GEM24K?

GEM24K S.r.l. does not offer its own products for sale merely to put Sellers and Buyers in contact, promoting buying and selling relationships between them on its Marketplace.

What is a “Simple Product”?

A “Simple Product” is a product offered for sale on the site by Sellers and present in its catalog of the store. They do not include products sold in online auction mode.

What is a “Auctioned Product”?

The “Auctioned Product” is exclusively a product sold in online auction mode, offered for sale on the site by the Sellers. It may consist of a single Product or one or more sets of Products, offered in single or multiple Lots.

What can I find in the Catalog?

In the Catalog you can find the set of products made available by users and offered for sale on the Marketplace.

How exactly does the sale take place?

GEM24K is an online buying and selling platform, where jewelry and watch lovers from all over the world meet. With the exception of purchases made through the “Safe Delivery” service, we do not take direct part in the sales process. The purchase, shipping method and the transaction take place directly between Buyer and Seller.

I would like to buy a jewelry or watch. How should I proceed?

To purchase on GEM24K you must first register. These possibilities exist to purchase a product on GEM24K:
Purchase of a Product at the GEM24K auction
All the products offered in Auction are valued by experts of GEM24K and are sold directly by each Seller according to the terms and conditions established by the auction itself. Bid and follow the auction that interests you. If you win the product you will be able to proceed with payment using “Secure Delivery” or Online Payment. After payment you will receive instructions regarding the delivery of the product.

Purchase of a Product using the “Safe Delivery” method of GEM24K
All announcements, including those sold at auction, allow you to purchase a jewel or watch using the GEM24K Secure Delivery service (which consists of a security deposit). By using this option at the time of purchase, your payment is transferred to a deposit account to guarantee GEM24K, where it will remain in complete safety until you have received the product purchased. The Gem24K team is always at your disposal and guarantees you a simple and safe purchase procedure.

Purchase of a product with the “Concorda e Paga” method directly from the Seller (bank transfer, payment on delivery, cash on delivery)
You can proceed with the purchase directly from the Seller agreeing with him the preferred mode. In this case you can pay in any of the following ways: bank transfer to the Seller, payment on delivery or in place to be agreed directly with the Seller.

Purchase of a Product with “Online Payment” (PayPal, Stripe, Credit Cards)
You can proceed with direct purchase from the Seller. In this case you can pay in any of the following ways: credit card (VISA or MasterCard), PayPal, Stripe. After payment you will receive instructions regarding the delivery of the product.

Contact the seller directly
If you need more information before proceeding with the purchase, select “Request Information” in the product sheet and fill out the form that will put you in direct contact with the seller or contact him directly by phone or email. You can also go to your store (in the case of a Professional Vendor or Merchant). You can directly agree with him the terms of payment (Concorda and Pay) and shipping.

Who is my contractual partner when I buy a jewel or a watch?

Your contractual partner is always the Private Seller or Professional Vendor (Dealer). If you decide to make the purchase through our Safe Delivery mode, GEM24K will follow you throughout the sales process making sure that your funds will be sent to the Seller only after you have received the product purchased. Display the General Conditions of Contract to deepen this aspect, in particular if you intend to purchase a product from a Private Seller.

How is it preferable to pay when purchased from a Private Seller?

If you wish to purchase from a Private Seller, the safest way to make payment for the product is the “Safe Delivery” service of GEM24K. In this case, transfer the amount to an escrow account, where it will remain secure until you have received the jewel or watch. The GEM24K team remains at your disposal to offer you support should problems arise.

If you wish to purchase from a Private Seller without using this service we suggest you use the “Agree and Pay” method by agreeing with the Seller for delivery and payment in direct mode. For example, you can personally meet the Seller in a safe place, like a shop of a trusted merchant, who can immediately check the jewel or watch.

Alternatively you can always make direct payment to the Seller via Online Payment (PayPal, Stripe, Credit Cards). In this case, please keep in mind that GEM24K can guarantee the delivery of the product only when you purchase through the GEM24K Secure Delivery service. The offer and conditions of purchase by a Private Seller always require careful analysis by the buyer.

How can I contact the seller of a jewel or a watch?

For any product displayed on GEM24K you can make the purchase by clicking on the “Buy” button (in the case of a simple Product, not an Auction) or “Offer” (in the case of an Auction product).
Through the “Request Information” option, available in the product sheet of your interest, you can send the seller your message with questions about the product on sale or for any other request. In the event that the seller has also indicated the phone number or email, you can contact him directly through these channels. The telephone number is indicated on the Seller’s shop page.

How is the sale price of a jewel or a watch made up?

The selling price of a jewel or watch is made up of various components. First of all, the offer price of the jewel or the watch itself. In addition, costs may be added for packing, insurance, shipping or value added tax and import. Depending on whether you buy the jewel or watch from a merchant at home or abroad, the additional costs vary. For exact information, contact the merchant.

GEM24K offers, to the buyers who request it, the “Safe Delivery” service which consists of a Guarantee Deposit which entails an additional cost charged to the buyer equal to 3% of the amount stated on the offer page.

The offer comes from abroad. What should I watch out for during the purchase and what expenses do you have to pay?

The price is shown in the ad as entered by the seller. Therefore additional costs can arise as customs duties, taxes, shipping costs and insurance.

To find out the exact price and the costs included, contact the seller of the jewel or watch. He will also be able to say whether the customs formalities will be processed by the shipper. For the rules valid in your country, please contact the local customs authority. Within the European Union, the purchase of jewelry is exempt from customs. For imports into Europe from a third country, for example from the USA, a small customs duty and import VAT are added to the price. For exact information, contact your country’s customs authority.

What do the "Private Seller", "Professional Seller" and "Featured Seller" brands represent on the sellers?

Operators on GEM24K are differentiated into the following 3 main types:

Private Sellers
They are individuals who want to sell their product sporadically using GEM24K. This type of Seller can register on GEM24K by entering basic information that GEM24K can not verify punctually and accurately. This type of Seller is indicated with a special “badge” in the displayed products and in his own shop.

Professional Salesmen or Traders
When registering on GEM24K, every Professional Vendor or Merchant is subjected to a complete verification of their identity and seriousness. The Vendor must in fact provide proof of his professional activity as a Jeweler or watch dealer by sending GEM24K precise information about his company and commercial activity. Only the Jewelers or watch dealers with their own shop in the area can in fact request registration as Professional Sellers. This type of Seller is indicated with a special “badge” in the displayed products and in his own shop.

The Professional Dealer is a commercial jewelry retailer who undertakes to comply with certain conditions. These include among others:

  • providing the platform and GEM24K with truthful information about their person and company;
  • that only sell products from reliable sources;
  • that describes the status of its goods truthfully and provides information on any defects or damages of the same both in the text and with images;
  • that usually responds within 5 working days to requests for offers sent by customers via e-mail via GEM24K;
  • that puts the right conduct in business first.

Should disagreements arise, the trader will search with the customer for a satisfactory solution for both parties. The violation of one or more of these conditions may result in the temporary or permanent loss of the “Professional Vendor” mark or, in the most serious cases, the status of member of GEM24K.

Featured Seller
The Featured Seller brand is given exclusively to Professional Sellers or Traders who, based on the experience of GEM24K and its users, are distinguished by particular qualities of reliability, reliability and quality of the product. This type of Seller is indicated with a special “badge” in the displayed products and in his own shop.

How do I cancel an order?

Once the article has been received, you have 14 days to contact the Seller from whom you purchased the item through the contacts available in your store and in any case by sending an email to your address. At the same time we advise you to contact our customer service at (+39) 0656569749 or via e-mail customercare@gem24k.com. The Seller will inform you of the procedure to be followed for the return and refund.

What are my rights in case of withdrawal or complaint?

In case of withdrawal or claim the seller agrees to:

  • manage Buyer’s requests related to: withdrawal from the purchase contract, termination of the Purchase Contract, exchange or return and / or related refunds
  • calculate the amount of the reimbursements due, for any reason, from the Seller to the Purchasere
  • provide refunds, for whatever reason owed by the Seller to the Purchaser, as established by the Regulations
  • • operate the above in compliance with the current legislation on consumer protection and contractual liability in Italy, this Agreement and any guidelines or conduct or regulations that GEM24K S.r.l. should notify the Seller or introduce in the report.
How can I exercise the right of withdrawal from a buyer?

The Seller is solely responsible for the recognition and application of the Right of Withdrawal. The Seller can and must, therefore, contact the Purchaser to exercise this right, with respect to which GEM24K S.r.l. it is completely foreign. GEM24K S.r.l. will forward to the Seller the withdrawal requests that should be received.

How can I request the Legal Conformity Guarantees?

The Seller is solely responsible for the recognition and application of the Warranty of Conformity in relation to the Products sold. The Seller can and must, therefore, contact the Purchaser to request this Guarantee, with respect to which GEM24K S.r.l. it is completely foreign. GEM24K S.r.l. will forward the warranty claims that should be received to the Seller

How do buyers and sellers communicate with each other?

Unlike other Marketplace, we at GEM24K believe that facilitating direct communication between the parties helps to establish a good relationship for the sale. Buyers and Sellers can communicate in multiple ways: email, phone or messages sent directly through our specially designed Social platform.

Unlike other Marketplace, we at GEM24K believe that facilitating direct communication between the parties helps to establish a good relationship for the sale. Buyers and Sellers can communicate in multiple ways: email, phone or messages sent directly through our specially designed Social platform.See our Forum sections  Groups  and Forum sections to find useful information, professionals and much more in the jewelry and watch industry.


With which shipping service do you deliver the purchased item?

Normally the merchant chooses the shipping service through which he wishes to send the article. The name of the selected service is indicated on the shipping confirmation.

Is the item insured and can I track the shipment?

The items ordered by Safe Delivery are always insured, unless otherwise agreed with the merchant and, generally, the insurance covers the full value of the item sent. To monitor the shipment you will be contacted as soon as the item has been sent and, if available, we will send you the tracking number via e-mail.


Who can put a product on the auction on GEM24K?

GEM24K S.r.l. makes available to Private and Professional Sellers an online auctioning procedure for their Products. The Sale is carried out in its own name directly by the Seller through the auction procedure activated on the Marketplace by GEM24K. The Auction can be proposed for a single Product or for Lots of Products.

How does GEM24K check the product, the seller wants to put on the auction?

GEM24K S.r.l. checks the Product in advance, which the Seller intends to place in auction, based solely on the information and images provided by the Seller. GEM24K does not receive or hold the Product, which remains in the material availability of the Seller until delivery to the successful bidder, upon successful completion of the Auction. Examine the Product information provided by the Seller, GEM24K can ask the Seller for further information and further documentation reserving, in the absence, not to activate the Auction procedure. In any case GEM24K S.r.l. assumes no responsibility for the information or descriptions of the Product at auction provided by the Seller. After the estimate the Product is published in Auction on definite dates.

GEM24K how do you estimate the product to be auctioned?

GEM24K S.r.l. estimates the Product in auction and establishes the sale in one or more Lots, setting the starting Auction price, to which it is sold subject to acceptance by the Seller. The price and the evaluation of the Product are the result of personal convictions of the experts of GEM24K S.r.l.

How can I bid at the auction?

The online auction procedure activated and displayed by the User on the Marketplace indicates the duration and expiration of the auction, the starting price, any possibility of increasing its offer, the time limit within which to present it and the percentage minimum of the increase in supply. Prices are shown in EURO.

How is the object awarded to the auction?

At the end of the term of the auction GEM24K S.r.l. declares the auction adjudicated to the bidder, who submitted the maximum bid even if there was only one bidder. With the Award, the sale between Buyer and Seller is perfected, except for the interruption or cancellation of the auction, for the existence of a reserve price, or for failure to fulfill a fixed condition, or other impediments, which will be communicated by GEM24K Srl as a result of failure to complete the Sale. The Award is effective and obliges Seller and Purchaser from the moment in which the same is communicated also by e-mail or only published online in the space dedicated to the Auction of reference.

What happens after a product put on auction has been stuck?

The Purchaser who wins the auctioned product will make the payment, through one of the methods available for the Auctioned Products on the Marketplace, of the offered price and of the award, within the term established by the regulation and the conditions of participation in the single auction . The Seller will, at his exclusive care and expense, dispatch and deliver to the Purchaser of the Product in the auction.

What is the GEM24K Auction Fee?

GEM24k will issue an auction fee on each product sold at the Auction.

This right amounts to 8% for the buyer (on each product purchased) and 12.52% for the seller (on each product sold).

Is the Buyer of a product at the Auction entitled to withdraw?

The consumer purchaser has the right to withdraw from the law without an incentive within 14 days of receiving the object of sale.

What happens if the winner of the auction exercises his right of withdrawal?

If the award is not completed due to withdrawal of the winner or lack of requirements or other conditions impeding the Purchaser or non-payment of the price within the term established by the auction conditions, GEM24K S.r.l. he will be able to award the second highest bidder, to the last bid made by the latter.

What happens if a product is not sold at the auction?

If the Auction does not obtain minimum bids at the starting price and there is no award, the Product and Lot of Products may be offered again for Sale through Auction Online or may remain published on the Marketplace, even on the Seller’s online page or store , for direct sale at the minimum offer price, for the time established by the Auction conditions during which the Seller remains bound to respect the price and other auction conditions. In the case of direct sales following the auction GEM24K S.r.l. retains its right to receive the pre-established rate or Auction fee. GEM24K S.r.l. assumes no responsibility for the perfect execution of offers. In the case of two or more similar or similar offers, their consideration will take place according to the date and time of arrival.