Safe Delivery: GEM24K Guarantee Deposit


Information for buyers

The modality that assures you 100% of receiving your jewelry and / or your watch is the “Safe Delivery” service of GEM24K. After choosing the product and the Seller from which to purchase the item you can safely pay using this service that uses a specific escrow account. The Seller will receive the payment only when you have received the selected item. The GEM24K customer service is always at your disposal and offers support during every phase of the purchase: from payment to shipping, up to a possible refund.


When can I make a purchase through Secure Delivery?

All products sold on GEM24K can be purchased using this service.

How do I purchase an item via Safe Delivery?

Before proceeding with the payment select the “Safe Delivery” option and proceed with the order of the item. In this case the amount will be transferred to a escrow account.

Do I have to register on GEM24K before making the purchase?

It is mandatory to register in such a way that we can offer you maximum support in case of questions and always keep you updated on the status of your order.

How can I contact request information about the service or my order made through Safe Delivery?

If you have questions about the item, you can contact the merchant through the contact details provided by him. For information on the order made through Safe Delivery, our customer service will be happy to help you through the customer service contacts (phone, chat, email).

How much does the "Safe Delivery" service cost?

For the Safe Delivery service we apply a commission of 2.4% on the sum made up of the total price of the item.


What methods of payment are available?

You can pay with any of the methods listed on the order confirmation page. The methods depend on the type of items and, typically, are: credit card (VISA or MasterCard), PayPal, Stripe or by bank transfer. The possible payment methods for an item are indicated on the order confirmation page.


When is the article available?

All items sold on GEM24K are available immediately or in a short time. You can find detailed information on the relevant offer page.

Which delivery service does the delivery offer?

Normally the merchant chooses the shipping service through which he wishes to send the article. The name of the selected service is indicated on the shipping confirmation.

How can the shipment be tracked?

We will contact you as soon as the item has been sent and if available, we will send you the tracking number via e-mail.

Are you insured in case of theft or damage during transport?

Tems ordered by Safe Delivery are always insured, unless otherwise agreed with the merchant.

What is the maximum value covered by the insurance?

Generally the insurance covers the full value of the item sent.


Am I entitled to a particular guarantee if I make a purchase through Safe Delivery?

The guarantee conditions in accordance with the law are valid for the Safe Delivery service. Therefore, no warranty extension is envisaged.


What is the procedure to be followed to return an article?

To make arrangements for the return, please contact our customer service by phone (+39) 0656569749 or via e-mail

How do I cancel an order?

After receiving the article, you have 14 days to contact our customer service by phone at  (+39) 0656569749 or via e-mail We will confirm that you have received the revocation within the established deadline and we will inform you of the procedure to be followed.

Who takes the return costs?

The costs of the return are to be paid by the buyer. Please take into account that the costs of shipping can reach 250 € due to insurance. If you have any questions, the GEM24K customer service will be happy to help you by telephone on  (+39) 0656569749 or via e-mail

Are the personal data provided to GEM24K safe?

Yes. We use the most modern security techniques to protect your personal data from manipulation, total or partial loss and third parties. For more information, see our privacy policy.

Are my data transmitted to third parties?

We use your personal information exclusively for processing purchase requests or orders. There is no transmission of your data to third parties. For more information, see our privacy policy.

Information for merchants

Secure Delivery is your gateway to global jewelry and watch trade. Thanks to this GEM24K service you will gain the trust of many customers and increase your sales. Our support service will help you communicate with customers and offer you support in any situation..

How does Trusted Payment work?

    • 1. Order with Safe Delivery
      The buyer confirms the order by selecting the “Safe Delivery” option.
    • 2. Payment
      The buyer makes the payment by depositing the money in a deposit account to guarantee GEM24K.
      • 3. Shipping
        The Seller sends the article.
      • 5. Receipt
        The Purchaser receives the item.
      • 6. Conclusion
        The Seller receives payment from GEM24K.